Our Natural Shine

Natural Henna Hair Colors has been in use as a cosmetic dye for application on hair, skin and nails since many centuries. Natural Henna powder is made from Henna leaves, which is naturally grinded to powder. This powder is a marvelous product for the hair, since it provides natural strength and impeccable natural shine. It could also be used for configuration of tattoo on human body.

Herbal Henna - 100% (blend of 11 herbs for conditioning)
Super Fine - 100% herbal (for body & hair)
Indigo - 100% herbal (for hair)
Red Henna - 100% herbal (for hair)
Special Natural Brown - 100% herbal (for hair)
Natural Brown - 100% herbal (for hair)
Natural Yellow - 100% herbal (for hair)
Natural Deep Red - 100% herbal (for hair)

Our Philosophy

Since the inception in 1984, the premium brands like ‘Indo Henna’ & ‘Indo Aroma’ have been a trendsetter in di­fferent parts of the globe. Today we take pride in introducing ourselves as a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of quality herbal products like henna hair colors, henna cosmetics, henna extracts, Herbal Essential Oil and other herbal henna products.

We have been serving our customers with impeccable line of products that exhibit the purity of nature. Since inception, we have been a leader in our sphere of operation.

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